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Michael tours regularly throughout the year as a solo artist and with various bands and projects. 

His current 2023/24 LIVE schedule of when, where and with whom can be found right here.

New dates are being added all the time so don't forget to revisit this page again soon...



24.02 'Private' Ibbenbüren, D (with QMR)

01.03 Lagerhalle, Osnabrück, D (with QMR)

08.03 Vinyl Café Schwarzes Gold, Dorsten, D (with QMR Unplugged)

09.03 Saal Norhausen, Leverkusen, D (with QMR)

10.03 Café De Klomp, Etten-Leur, NL (Solo / Original + Cover)

16.03 Nobby's Club, Frankfurt Hahn, D (with QMR)

08.04 Comödie Dresden, Dresden, D (with Natalia Posnova)

12.04 Pannenkoeken Paradijs, Haarlem (NL) (with QMR)

13.04 Habbels, Schmallenberg, D (Solo - ECHO support)

20.04 Duderstadt, D (with Natalia Posnova)

26.04 Dingsteder Krug, Hatten, D (with QMR)

27.04 Gasthaus Plengemeyer, Bad Laer, D (with QMR)

20.05 Grammofestival, Leichlingen, D (with QMR)

25.05 Leverkusen, D (with Groove Garden)

29.05 Viktoria Klause, Essen, D (Solo / 80's Party)

08.06 Gewerbeschau, Duisdorf, D (with QMR)

21.06 Farm & Country Fair, Aalten, NL (Solo / Original + Cover)

22.06 Hof Lohman, Warendorf, D (with QMR)

23.06 Farm & Country Fair, Aalten, NL (Solo / Original + Cover)


06.07 Stadtfest, Mössingen, D (with QMR)

11.07 Varel LIVE, Varel, D (with QMR)

21.07 Kirmes, Endenich, D (with QMR)


07.08 Hofgut Domäne, Hechingen, D (with QMR)

08.08 Rheinaue, Bonn, D (with QMR)

10.08 Oldtimer Grand-Prix, Nürnburgring, D (with QMR)

16.08 Hafenfest, Duisburg, D (with Groove Delighters)

17.08 Zur Heide, Troisdorf, D (with QMR)

23.08 Stadtfest, Siegburg, D (with QMR)

24.08 Kirmes, Bonn-Röttgen, D (with QMR)

30.08 Heumarkt, Köln, D (with Rating Tops)

31.08 MDR Sommerfest, Stendal, D (Freddie Meets Falco)


01.09 Gewerbetag, Bornheim, D (with QMR)

05.09 Freddie Celebration Day, Montreux, CH (with Natalia Posnova)

07.09 Stadtfest, Velbert, D (with Groove Delighters)

28.09 Stadtfest, Löhne, D (with QMR)


12.10 Plan B, Witzhelden, D (with QMR)

19.10 Donnerwetter, Essen, D (with District 4)

25.10 Altes E-Werk, Nierstein, D (with QMR)

26.10 Habbels, Schmallenberg, D (with QMR)


22.11 Studio 2, Güstro, D (with QMR)

29.11 Logo, Hamburg, D (with QMR)


14.12 Schuhfabrik, Ahlen, D (with QMR)

20.12 Groove Bar, Köln, D (with QMR)

21.12 Kabelmetal, Windeck, D (with QMR)

31.12 München, D (tbc)

QMR = Queen May Rock*

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