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Who Is

Michael Antony Austin...?


Michael Antony Austin is a natural performer with a strong, emotive tenor voice.


Centre stage since his early teens, he has since chalked up an impressive musical CV with a host of various bands, projects and as a solo artist, along with hundreds of LIVE shows across the world... most particularly in Europe.

Born and raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne Michael has dual nationality (both British and German), and resides in Germany close to the Dutch border. Since 2023, he is also regularly on tour in the Netherlands, performing LIVE at different venues, festivals and for radio and TV across the country...   

As singer/songwriter, he has released 4 solo albums of deeply personal, radio friendly, Pop, Rock and Folk songs with New Country, Americana and British Indie influences. 

His current album 'It's Not The Years... It's The Mileage' features the singles ‘The Collier Lad's Dream', Turn Around And Kiss Me’, 'Getting Out' and 'Kathy (Come On Home)' was Recorded & Produced by Gordon McNeil (Ian Donaldson, The Supernaturals, GUN) in Glasgow, Scotland, and features the talents of Charlotte Printer (Skipinnish), Derek Fleming (Kodak Ghosts) and James Prime (Deacon Blue).

As frontman with the Queen tribute Queen May Rock and as a part of Russian classical pianist Natalia Posnova’s Queen Rhapsody ensemble, Michael continues to tour regularly.

He has also released albums with Monsieur Klaas 'Jazz On The Rocks' (Jazz), Seafoam Green 'Songs From A Beautiful Sad Summer', 'Think Green' (Pop), Metal Inc. 'Traces Of The Past' (Thrash)... and Queen May Rock 'LIVE At The Living Room' (Unplugged)...


Please feel free to check out the rest of for exclusive Photos, Lyrics, Music and Tour Info, or follow Michael on social media (click HOME for links). 

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